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    Molecule Breaking The Traditions – Artistic Apparels Newly Organized Work-space:


    Artistic with its new generation leadership finally decided to amp it up and making a statement internally by constructing a new office space of 36,000 sq. feet and 3,000 sq. ft cafeteria space for its employees.

    For this specific task ‘Roshni Consultants’ were taken on board to design a fully functional, strictly modern workspace for 200 people, modelled for an open environment encouraging communication and breakout spaces.

    Not taking for granted the enclosed sections considering, hierarchy, dishing out ideas, training clouds and most importantly for a well-deserved bashing sessions.


    Considering the track record, product options, tangibility, turnaround response time and trained technical machinery,  MOLECULE was selected as a preferred furniture consultant for this Project.



    The Business Avenue – An Open Space where more than 150 people were accommodated.
    BON series’ was selected. Creating a colour theme adding detail to a robust work-desk environment, with hallow sound absorbent fabric separator partitions. Storage drawers with E- cushioned sit-on function helped manage to optimize, reduce visitor space and cost.

    Combining Leisure Areas – From vending machines to an in-house cafe with automatic swipe charging systems, the perfect seating product was chosen to bring contemporary and comfort to business.


    The Pyramid – Vintage American veneers, moulded ply back ‘Shell Series’ and customized seating to match the rest. The detail was put in by adding a 45 degree DIY system that allows mobility to a high end stationary executive area.


    The selection – A library of more than 6000 multiple textures, meshes and fabrics for recliners, task chairs, stationary seating and partitions, many including Orange, Green and Blue made the cut which was used for territorial departmental demarcation while adding zip to a denim environment.



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